An Activity to Stay Busy & Active This Summer

The sun is out and we all know what that means. Around this time, a lot of little masterminds get ants in their pants. You want to ditch the homework and instead, have fun in the sun all day. We can’t do anything about school, however we can give you some tips on how to have a good time after school hours! 

A super fun activity that will not only keep you busy but also allow you to get some friends involved, is hosting a nature scavenger hunt. This may take a couple of days to plan but the fun and adventure will be completely worth it! You can either hide things in places for you and your friends/family to find, or try this list out.

Can you find all ten?

  1. Squirrel
  2. Animal foot prints
  3. Ant
  4. Dandelion 
  5. Brown leaf 
  6. Acorn
  7. Spider web
  8. Bird
  9. Bunny
  10. Body of water
An Activity to Stay Busy & Active This Summer 1

Once you find an item on the list, be sure to take a picture for proof! At the end of the scavenger hunt, everyone meet in one location and check how you did. This activity is so fun, you can reuse it and even add more things to your list to find!