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Earth Day Can Be Everyday

It may be difficult to imagine a time where the environment wasn’t a concern. However, just 51 short years ago the tradition of Earth day began in April of 1970. Earth day began as a “National Teach-In On The Environment” day of education of the way we should be treating the environment. Before this point, America was completely unmindful of the effects things like pollution had on this planet we call home! 

One of the biggest forest killers is paper. Don’t fret though, there are ways to not preserve paper but also make paper on your own. You can be a part of change in just a few easy steps! First, remember the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. You can reduce the amount of paper you use by finding alternatives! Take notes on your phone or computer rather than a notebook. If you do have to use paper, reuse it as much as you can! And lastly, be sure to recycle all of your paper, plastic and glass products so they can be turned into something brand new! 

Earth Day was April 22nd however, Earth Day can be every day when you care about the planet! If you want to try making your own paper, you’re going to need a few tools. These should be things you can easily find lying around your house! You’re going to need a blender, torn paper, (newspaper, magazines, tissue paper, whatever you can get your hands on) water, plastic tub, washcloth/rag and a window. Follow the link for instructions on how to use these ingredients to make your own environment friendly paper!

How do you celebrate the earth?