Madison Miles

About Me

Hey there! I’m Madison Ivy Miles! I’m 12 years old, and I love music 🎧. My family JUST moved to Detroit from Georgia, and so far, so good 😊.  I’m a little sassy (so my mama says), but I’m super smart (science class is bae).

My best friend and cousin, Jihan is still in Georgia, and I’m missing her like crazy! School has been pretty cool, so far. I met a new friend named Mackenzie; she is so fun! The only problem is, her best friend Olivia thinks she’s all that and she HATES my very existence.

If you want to learn more about me, my friends and family (including my annoying little brother, Marcus, Jr.), make sure you sign up for my Madison “Ivy” Miles Fan Club!

- Madison Ivy Miles

Mackenzie Owens

About Me

Hey y’all! So glad you decided to stop by! So, I’m Mackenzie, and Olivia is my very best friend. I’m 12 and I CANNOT wait to turn 13! My mom and dad said I could have a huge party and it’s gonna be great! Everybody is gonna dress up, and my mom said she will let me wear heels! That is a BIG deal to me!

I am the oldest of my brothers and sisters, so sometimes, I have to babysit. But, it’s okay because the LAST time I babysat, my mom and dad came home with a NEW camera for me to vlog with! Speaking of that, ya girl loves reading and vlogging. I have my own video blogging channel and everything. Olivia’s been on my show; I have to get my new friend, Madison on there, too.

Madison is new in town, and I think she is so cool and smart. Plus, her hair is sooo pretty! Olivia doesn’t like her that much, but I think Madison is dope! Don’t get me wrong, Olivia is a sweetheart; but between you and me, she can be a meanie sometimes. 
We’ll see how this school year goes! Drama, drama, drama!

~ Mackenzie

Olivia Jackson

About Me

Hello! I’m Olivia! I’m 12 and my favorite color is pink! Did I tell you that I’m an amazing cook? Yep! My two favorite things are math and cooking! My specialty is red velvet cupcakes. There’s a secret to making the icing so sweet, but I’ll tell ya later!

My granny taught me how to cook and every time she comes in town from Chicago, we always make something tasty together! I love my granny, but I’m a daddy’s girl. My dad is the COOLEST man alive! He’s a nurse and my biggest fan. I LOVE cooking desserts for my whole family and for my best friend, Mackenzie.

Speaking of her, we have this new girl Madison who just moved to town and she wants to be best friends with my best friend Mackenzie! I guess we will have to see about that! I mean she’s nice and all, but Mackenzie is MY friend.

~ Olivia

Jihan Taylor

About Me

Hey y’all. I’m Jihan…pronounced Jye-Han. I don’t like when people say my name wrong, but it happens! Anyways, I am Madison’s big cousin and BFF. I’m a little bummed ‘cause she moved up to Detroit and left me here in Georgia, but it’s cool though. I’ll see her soon.

So, just so you know, I LOVE writing. When I was real little, I would write fake T.V. shows. Madison and I would act it out in front of our family. Let’s just say, I’m real dope when it comes to writing. When I go to college, I wanna learn more about that.

I love basketball, swimming and volleyball, but basketball is really my main thing when it comes to sports. My dad used to play in the NBA, so he shows me all the “exclusive moves.” Maybe I’ll show you one day. You never know!

~ Jihan

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