National Bullying Prevention Month

You may not be aware but October is National Bullying Prevention Month. This is a time dedicated to focusing on not only raising awareness for bullying but also preventing it. Here’s a few ways that you can celebrate bullying prevention and stop bullying in its tracks!

  1. Tell your friends! You can start by spreading the word to friends, family, even teachers that this month is what? Bullying Prevention Month!  
  2. Send positive messages to friends or classmates! Sometimes, it only takes one kind word to brighten someone’s entire day. 
  3. Share positive anti-bullying messages on your social media and encourage others to repost!
  4. If you see someone being bullied, intervene or tell an adult. 

These are all great ways to get involved with the cause. If you don’t find anything on this list that you’re interested in doing, brainstorm your own ways that you can show your support against bullying and comment them down below! And always remember to be kind.